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This interview was broadcast on 13 December 2010 by MixTV News, a Brazilian TV network.
Part 2 – Pectus – interview – Dr. Sydney Haje – Programa Mix TV Notícias

Dr. Sydney Haje, orthopedic surgeon from Brasilia, DF, Brazil, explains his conservative method, also called dynamic method Remodeling (DR) for the treatment of pectus deformities (deformity of the front of the chest).

The results shown in this interview do not mean that the same results will happen for all patients with similar deformities. The examples shown are from patients who followed the medical advice properly during processing and show that bone remodeling and cartilage from the front of the chest – a malleable region – can occur, avoiding surgery.

Medical care for the progress of treatment and prevention of complications, and the patient’s will power in a long period of time (one year or more), are seen as essential for a successful treatment. Additional information can be seen in

A conservative approach to pectus deformities presented in the United Kingdom.
DCCA 1 and 2 braces for pectus carinatum and excavatum: an invention of Orthopectus

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