Orthopectus Training Program

We from Orthopectus have an experience of 39 years in treating pectus, studied more than 5750 pectus patients and we want to share that with doctors and prosthetic in a responsible way. We want to spread our knowledge so we can benefit a lot of pectus patients all over the world and try to avoid surgery in most of those patients.

In June 2010 and October 2011 we gave training in the UK, to the London Orthotics Consultancy – LOC. They already have a lot of experience with our method. Before our training they did not know our treatment method for pectus and now they are reference in pectus in Europe. Before 2010 we received a lot of patients from UK neighboring countries. Now a days we do not receive more pectus form UK . Thanks to LOC.

We can the teach the prosthetic how to build our braces invented by Sydney Haje, MD and Davi Haje, MD, Phd (DCC 1 and 2, ADCC 1 and 2, kyphosis and scoliosis braces). Doctors can learn how to apply the Haje’s Method of treating pectus.

We have also delivered lectures about our method to thoracic surgeons: in June 2010 in Izmir, Turkey, in September 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in October 2011 in Moscow, Russia, in August 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia, in September 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in June 2014 in Aahrus, Denmark. In June 2016 we are going to deliver an important lecture in the next CWIG meeting, in Norfolk, EUA (view online).